HC Vellaznimi - Men

“Vëllaznimi Handball Club was founded on June 14, 1955. The first initiators of the establishment of Vëllaznimi Handball Club, men, are: Professor Ismail Berisha, Danjoll Grezda, Bedri and Masar Kabashi, Nesim Vala and others”. During the golden jubilee, The club of Gjakova was decorated with the title of champion of our country 9 (nine) times and 3 times won the most precious trophy, the Kosovo Cup, and for 15 years intermittently competed in various leagues of the former Yugoslavia. Prof. Ismail Berisha is one of the initiators of handball in Gjakova and the coach of all generations of the “HC VELLAZNIMI”.

HC Vellaznimi - Women

The first women’s team in Gjakova was established on 15.03.1956. This team is called the School Normal Housewife – Gjakova, acted just a year and then I am attached to the educational society body partisan – Gjakova. In the 57th year both teams (male and female) got the name HC “Vellaznimi.” From then until today, this team has competed successfully in the First League of Kosovo and in the Second League – Kosovare – Makedone. Relevant bodies for the development of handball for women in 1960 managed to organize the championship first with the collection system. The “HC Vellaznimi” team was regularly in the handball elite Kosovar and always claimed for the highest ranking. with the women’s team in this period has worked several coaches: prof. Ismail Berisha, prof. Tefik Jakupi, Burim Deva etc. After the champion title won in 1981/82, the case very useful had handball players of the Vellaznimi even in 1987/88, but the Presidency, apparently, does not spend much with the two teams in the Second League, almost first place released it on purpose. This team, at this time was led by Burim Deva (deceased), who in addition to the coaching profession has also been a quality referee who has administered justice on the Kosovar handball courts.



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